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R.I.P. Cramptonites 2006-2007



Anthony Mansoor and Jason Sirak

The Start
Frequently attending Las Vegas Wranglers hockey games, Anthony and Jason decided to team up and start a group called the Cramptonites. Going to the games, they always noticed the hard working play that Crampton shows everygame. The one night that go the train really going was November 26, 2006. The Wrangler's weren't doing great. Anthony seeing this said to Jason, "They need to get Crampton out there to create some energy." Sure enough they did, and by the end of the night, Crampton had two goals.

The Future
Anthony and Jason have plans to create a t-shirt to wear to the games to support Crampton. They hope to eventually get one signed, and give a shirt to the man himself. Here are the plans:

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